Prince George Automatic Doors


Automatic doors are a great idea for any commercial business. They provide ease of access and give a feel of modernity to the place of business. For people with large families it is convenient to be able to buy all your groceries or supplies without having to struggle with getting out the door. Also, if someone goes on a bit of a shopping spree then they don't have to worry about getting all those bags to the car.

One aspect that store owners sometimes forget to think about is people who are disabled or have an injury which limits their mobility. Have you ever broken your leg? If so you probably remember how traditional doors took on a different light. For people in these situations automatic doors make the world an easier place.

One interesting (and a bit funny) comment which we heard once was 'automatic doors remove the possibility of showing that extra bit of kindness of opening the door for the girl I like'. Well, that is true. But think of it this way; you can still ask if you can hold her bags and if she has a lot this removes the awkwardness of trying to open the door for her when your hands are full. So there is no need for any of you gentlemen out there to be concerned.


A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. is here to get you the automatic doors you want at a price that will stay within budget. As experts in the field we can perform maintenance or repair on any pre-existing automatic door that a business may have. Of course, we also sell and install automatic doors from such reputable and trusted manufactures as:

The question to ask yourself is what kind of automatic door is best for you. If the traffic in your establishment is not too high then a low energy operating system may be the choice for you. Low energy operators attach to your preexisting manual doors. This is a cost effective way to make the single and double doors of your establishment automated.

For high traffic areas where customers are continuously entering and exiting then the answer may be to have sliding doors or bi-folding doors. The basic consideration when deciding between the two is space. Sliding doors require the space for the doors to slide into while bi-folding doors fold into themselves for space saving efficiency.

If you are not sure of what sort of automatic door is best for you that is not a problem. We will be more than happy to discuss the various options with you and explain the pros and cons. Even if you have an entry/exit point that is not the typical shape or size we will work hard to find the perfect solution for your needs.