A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd.

Established in 2004, A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. is committed to providing quality service every time. Owner Andy Townsley grew up in the glass industry, starting his career in his father's company. Going out on his own to provide the people of Prince George with the needed service of automatic door installation and maintenance Andy bases his success on his personal philosophy; we will not allow the customer to install something that we are sure they will be unhappy with.

We take great pride in our work and we want our customers to be completely happy with the services we provide. A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. is a small company but that is only to the benefit of our customers. We make open communication a priority both among the staff and with our customers so that everyone has a sense of mutual understanding and respect. When we take on a job we don't look at it as just one more thing to add to our portfolio. Our customers are just like us; they have lives, families, a drive to be successful and a want to never compromise their values so they can sleep peacefully at night. Whatever job we perform, be it installing an automatic door, creating a curtain wall for a new store, re-glazing a heavy glass store front or installing e-glass to save them money on their utility bills, we make sure to never let our customers down because then we are only letting ourselves down.

And that is A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. in a nutshell. We are professionals in commercial glass and automatic doors. We make it a priority to provide the best service for our Prince George community members and make sure to stay within the customers predetermined budget. Please have a look at the rest of our website to see the services we offer.


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