Prince George Automatic Doors


Having large windows for your storefront is a great idea. For one, it allows you to display your products to prospective customers. This is a far more enticing form of advertising than only seeing the store sign and a solid store front. It also makes for a far more welcoming atmosphere as it is open and inviting. A glass exterior can also save on utility costs as it allows for more natural light to enter the premises; reducing the need for electric lighting.

A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. is here for the store owners of Prince George looking to get the most out of their storefront. Our team will come to your establishment, consult you on your expectations and discuss the best plan of action for your storefront.

One of our new products which we are particularly proud of is low E glass. Low E glass is the next step in the evolution of insulated glass. It contains a special coating which lets light transfer through like a regular window but it stops heat from entering or exiting at least 40 percent more efficiently than traditional windows. This means that you save money all year round. In the winter your heating stays inside and your air conditioning does not have to work harder to make up for the heat transfer during the warm summer months. Equally important for any store front is the longevity of the products you display. Low E glass resists 99 percent of the UV rays from the sun which is what leads to materials and products becoming faded and dull. With all these money saving features low e glass pays for itself.

Whether it is for a relatively small window display, a heavy glass store front or a curtain wall, A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. can install, upgrade, repair or maintain the glass of your store front reliably and on budget. Call us today to discuss all the possibilities open to you and your business.

A Plus Automatic Door & Storefront Ltd. also provides 24 hour emergency glass repair. You never know when trouble will strike but your business can rely on us to set it right.